Final route
Start Brockley Rise (Chandos)
Via Crofton Park, Adelaide Avenue, Brockley Grove, Stondon Park
End Brockley Rise (Chandos)
Length 2.6 miles
Notes Runs in this direction only
Final operations
Operator Stagecoach London
Garage Catford
Vehicle Dennis Trident 9.9m/Alexander ALX400
Peak vehicle requirement Mon-Fri: 1
Sat: 1
Sun: 1
Frequency (in mins) Daily: 20

Information Edit

Route 522 was a free shuttle service replacing the unserved sections of routes 122 and P4 while these routes were diverted via Catford during the partial closure of Ladywell Road. The route was due to begin on 1st July 2013, however due to delays in starting the roadworks, the route began on 5th July instead. The route last ran on 29th September 2013, with Ladywell Road fully reopening the next day.

Final list of stopsEdit

  • Brockley Rise / The Chandos
  • Stondon Park / Honor Oak Park
  • Maclean Road
  • Brockley Jack
  • Crofton Park Station
  • Beecroft Road
  • Dalrymple Road
  • Roundel Close
  • Adelaide Avenue / Montague Avenue
  • Prendergast School
  • Ladywell Road / Phoebeth Road
  • Gordonbrock School / Brockley Cemetery
  • Huxbear Street
  • Brockley Grove / Crofton Park Road
  • Brockley Jack
  • Maclean Road
  • Brockley Rise / Chandos

Final route recordEdit

Brockley Rise, Stondon Park, Brockley Road, Adelaide Avenue, Ladywell Road, Brockley Grove, Brockley Road, Stondon Park, Honor Oak Park

Frequency information (final timetable) Edit

Monday-Saturday Buses depart Brockley Rise every 20 minutes from 0515 until 0035

Sunday Buses depart Brockley Rise every 20 minutes from 0635 until 0035

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